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Leading and Developing Resilient Teams

Empowering others starts with self-awareness, and through our interactive workshops, we empower your leaders and managers with the knowledge and skills to improve team resilience. Immersive, interactive, and evidence-based, our training solutions are cutting edge and proven to improve team performance.

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“If you want to win in the 21st century, you have to empower others.”

Jack Ma

Why Developing a Culture of Resilience Matters

The goal of every modern business is to create a culture that supports positive mental health within the workforce. But, unfortunately, meeting the immense challenges of stress and burnout is the task many leaders and managers now find themselves in.

Our Leaders and Managers Resilience Workshops equip you with the knowledge and skills to educate and prepare your employees for these challenges today.

Mental Health can be one of the most expensive neglections a business can make. They estimate mental health to cost UK employers £32-42bn each year*.

A recent study showed that 15% of the working population in the UK lives with an existing mental health condition, which costs employers an average of £1,119-£1,481 per employee*. 

The key factors that can influence employers’ costs are:  

  • Presenteeism cost £16.8bn – £26.4bn*  
  • Turnover cost £7.9bn* 
  • Absence cost £7.9bn* 

Our resilience solutions engage your leaders and managers to focus on the day-to-day habits and behaviours that build long-term resilience. Increased resilience contributes to improved wellbeing and the performance of your employees, teams, and organisation.   

How we Enable your Teams to Thrive

Our solution is deliverable as a 1-day workshop or 2-half day workshops. This immersive and interactive session enables your leaders and managers to share best practices with their teams, helping them understand resilience principles.

When building resilience, adopting a proactive strategy allows your teams to embed positive mental health and resilience within their day-to-day culture. We explore stress factors and triggers relevant to your team during our workshops with practical solutions developed alongside the science of resilience.

On completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Create a positive culture that supports resilience
  • Increase your understanding and knowledge of how positive mental health increases team performance
  • Decrease absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Build individual and collective resilience
  • Reduce lost revenue by increasing retention
  • Improve financial performance
  • Minimise the risk of reputational damage
  • Improve employee wellbeing and increase collective productivity
  • Support employees with mental health challenges

Many employers do not consider the full consequences of presenteeism, reduced productivity, and lost working days to stress and burnout. However, organisations that invest in proactive & positive mental health initiatives see a Return On Investment (ROI) of between £4 to £9 for each £1 spent with an average ROI of £4.2 per pound invested.

*Deloitte-Mental health and employers: The case for investment, supporting study for the Stephenson/Farmer review 2017.  

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