Wilderness Leadership Training

Reset, Recharge and Refocus

There is nothing more powerful than nature to reveal qualities buried beneath the comfort of modernity. Our wilderness experiences are challenging, arduous and designed to stretch you physically and psychologically. Five days where emails don’t matter, time doesn’t matter, modern life doesn’t matter with only a single deadline to focus on, arriving back to the campsite in Lit 120km away five days after setting off.

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Bespoke and Unique

Covid-19 stressed leaders and managers, and as organisations emerge from a challenging period, our overseas activity-based leadership training provides an opportunity to relax, reset, and regroup.

When we’re hungry, we eat, when we’re tired, we rest, and when we are strong, we paddle. Life becomes simple in this environment. Then, quickly, you return to a more primitive state, where your focus and concentration is narrowed purely on what you need to survive. Food, shelter, nature and paddling become the priorities.

Phones and laptops are not needed, and in many ways, time becomes redundant. They will rest when we need to, eat when they’re hungry and become wholly immersed in a cohesive team. The reward for doing this is resilience and a natural recharge and reset of your nervous system that only nature can do.

The training aspect of this solution is entirely bespoke, and our experienced training designers will work with your organisation to develop training that aligns with your desired outcomes. An example of what works well during these adventures is facilitated campfire reflection on the days learning.

Adversity Triggers Growth

Returning to nature is proven to be the perfect tonic for this fast-paced, overstimulated and artificial reality we have created. Learning to paddle a Canadian canoe and light fire using only friction is no direct connection to your profession, but it has every possible link to you – the human you. Throughout the week, we discuss strategies for managing stress in the modern world. Whilst sat around the fire, we use this fantastic opportunity to dig deeper into ways we can reconnect with a more primitive self.

This solution will enable you to:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Reveal resilience through adversity
  • Reconnect with your primitive self
  • Learn incredible skills such as
    • Canadian paddling
    • Fire lighting using ten different methods
    • Flora and Fauna – what does nature provide
    • Campcraft and shelter creation
    • Night navigation using stars
    • How to catch your meals
  • Recharge your nervous system
  • Take the time to reflect & take stock about what is important
  • Reinvigorate ready for the world
  • Coaching strategies that enable you to implement back into your daily life
  • Let go of any things which are holding you back

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