Scenario-Based Training

Imagination and Innovation Leads to Transformation

Our mandate when building Omnia Mind was simple, be daring, be different, be fearless. From the start, we wanted to tear up the playbook of training, and we wanted to create a concept of training that brings to life the delegates experience – Our Scenario-Based Training was born.

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“The only source of knowledge is experience.”

Albert Einstein

Manage Ambiguity and Tackle Unconscious Biases

Leadership is the process of social influence, which motivates others towards the achievement of organisational objectives. Covid-19 has caused chaos in most organisations, but it also provided valuable insight into the leadership skills required in a crisis. At Omnia Mind, we use this knowledge to develop leaders and managers to prepare for any eventuality. We take actual world-changing events and bring them to life in the training room. And use confusion, ambiguity, uncertainty, and fast-paced information feeds to ensure that your leaders and managers act decisively without the complete picture.

A study of 3,500 UK professionals found that the qualities most lacking in our leaders and managers during Covid-19 were empowering and motivating teams (36%), empathy and emotional intelligence (31%), and problem-solving (34%). And 81% believe effective and engaging training methods are essential to the successful performance of teams*.

Our scenario-based training recognises the inherent weaknesses in forecasts and single-outcome methods that essentially aim to predict the future. Instead, scenario planning uses multiple scenarios to underscore that the future is unpredictable, unstable and inherently filled with uncertainty. Our methods intend to shift your leaders and managers thinking and challenge them to consider numerous ways the future might unfold.

This training also raises awareness of unconscious biases about people’s talents or character that lead to snap judgments, often based on race and gender. Its goal is to reduce bias in attitudes and behaviours at work.

Immersive Training that Works

This solution will help to:

  • Build effective work teams and break down silos
  • Highlight unconscious biases
  • Develop effectiveness at interacting with groups and individuals in a wide variety of contexts and situations, including soliciting and sharing vital information
  • Improve the ability to quickly organise cohesive teams that are well-suited for the tasks at hand
  • Improve the ability to rapidly make the right decisions in the face of difficult circumstances
  • Develop the ability to look at an event from multiple perspectives and “think outside of the box” before deciding on specific contingency plans and solutions
  • Improve experience in controlled crises
  • Robust and active listening skills with the capacity to digest large amounts of information from different viewpoints
  • Effectively manage ambiguity
  • Develop the ability to effectively gather input from individuals and groups and facilitate collaborative decision making
  • Increase capacity to handle stress and remain calm and focused amid chaos

*Leading through Challenging Times (City & Guilds Group, 2019). 

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