Barcelona Business Retreats

The Ultimate Getaway

Our business retreats are fully customisable to your business’s and its leader’s specific needs. Combining nature with nurture, we design your ultimate corporate retreat, unique to your organisation’s goals and objectives, guaranteed to surpass all expectations.

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Recharge, Refocus and Advance

Leading and managing can be stressful and arduous, and Omnia Mind has the perfect solution to help your people reset, recharge and refocus. Although our business retreats are fully customisable to your specifications, one of our training designers will work with you to develop a business retreat that meets your desired outcomes.

Typically, the objective for a retreat is to take your high-level thinkers out of their busy day-to-day schedules and into an intimate setting that allows them to free up their creative thought processes. Our Barcelona villas provide an experiential environment that stimulates your attendees to network organically and bond as a team. In addition, we have idyllic spaces that are perfect for informal roundtable gatherings and inspire innovative thought processes.

You may have a specific goal or problem you wish to solve, and we can provide facilitators to achieve this. Some of the many solutions we offer are Individual and group human performance coaching, leadership training, and resilience training. However, if you prefer a slightly more relaxed retreat, we can facilitate mindfulness, meditation, physical exercise, and group activity sessions.

Supporting Effective Growth

Our promise – We will design your ultimate corporate retreat, bespoke to your organisation’s goals and objectives, that surpasses your expectations.

This solution can help to:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Solve complex problems
  • Breakdown silos
  • Increase employee engagement and reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve managerial skills and abilities
  • Achieve better Project Leadership
  • Improve corporate culture
  • Build effective work teams
  • Enable better decision-making

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