Expedition Limitless 2023

Join us on one of the world’s most remote and extreme snowshoe adventures and help us raise over £50,000 for the mental health charity ‘Isle Listen’.

Are you looking for an adventure that will push you to your limits? Expedition Limitless 2023 is a 110km snowshoe trek above the Arctic Circle. This Expedition will test your resilience and mindset to your perceived limits and beyond. It will also be an unforgettable experience as you explore some of Earth’s most remote and beautiful places.

For everyone, the Expedition will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For some, it will be a life-changing experience.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, contact us and start preparing for the adventure of a lifetime.

What you can expect:

• Learn how to live & thrive in Arctic conditions
• Conquer fears and break boundaries
• Train your mind and body to work together as one
• Push your limits and achieve something you never thought possible
• Feel a sense of awe and wonder as you explore nature’s wonders

Expedition Limitless 2023

What You Need To Know

Dates: 22nd – 28th Jan 2023 & 26th Mar – 4th Apr 2023

Training Week: 22nd – 28th Jan 2023 – Kavstabacken, Sweden

Expedition Week: 26th Mar – 4th Apr 2023 – Kungsleden – Arctic Sweden.

Expedition Limitless 23 has two primary goals.

Goal 1: To raise £50,000 for the Manx mental health charity, Isle Listen

Goal 2: To demonstrate the innate resilience within young people when given the opportunity.

Numbers: 12

Ability: Novice

The conditioning phase will be between the initial training week and the expedition week. This will take place on the Isle of Man, where Expedition members will follow a prescribed training plan that will gradually build them physically and mentally for the final Expedition.

Sponsored Place: £5,499 pp (either employee sponsor or proxy sponsor)

We are inviting businesses to either sponsor or proxy sponsor expedition members. Each member will proudly wear their sponsor’s logo on each shoulder and their pulk (sled) cover. In addition, once the Expedition is completed, Expedition members will be expected to give presentations describing their experience of the trip and, most importantly, how the journey has changed their beliefs and resilience levels.

Personal Contribution: Travel to both the Training & Expedition weeks, as well as the purchase of essential personal equipment: (Approx. £1,000pp)

  • Suitable Boots for Snowshoeing
  • Base Layers
  • Personal Warm Kit
    • Hats
    • Gloves
    • Socks
  • Eating Utensils – Spork / Cup / Bowl
  • Personal medical kit (group kit provided by Sweden Outdoor Coaching)

We believe that it is essential that all expedition members contribute to their place. This personal contribution is achieved through the purchase of their travel to the two training areas and some of the essential personal equipment needed. In addition, all expedition members will retain the issued expedition clothing after successful completion in April.

Minimum Pledge To Raise For Charity: £4,000pp

Our group target is to raise £50,000 as a team. This is broken down among each member as a minimum pledge of £4,000 from the team announcement in early Sep 2022 to the expedition completion in April 2023. This sponsorship can be raised individually and through group events; this will assist in the continued development of team cohesion.

Equipment Provided:

  • Sleeping System (Sleeping bag, bivvy bag, thermal liner)
  • Snowshoes
  • Pulk (equipment sled)
  • Gore-Tex Jacket & Trousers
  • Mid-Layer
  • Softshell
  • All technical expedition equipment
  • All food during the training & expedition weeks

The ‘Kungsleden’ or ‘Kingsway’ is an amazing Arctic adventure that follows the enormous valleys of remote northernmost Sweden. Lofty 2000m peaks will surround you as you trek through high passes from one valley into the next.

The ultimate method of transport for such an adventure is snowshoes, which provide an excellent medium for movement over various snow conditions you will likely encounter. The Kungsleden stretches from Abisko in the North, 440km south, to Hemavan. The ‘Expedition Limitless’ Expedition will trek the first section of 110km, from Abisko to Nikaluokta, which is arguably some of the most impressive mountain scenery.


We will stay in huts owned and maintained by the Svenska Turist Föreningen (STF). The huts have been strategically placed about a day’s travel (13km-21km) from one another. After a full day of snowshoeing, these huts will provide us with the shelter to administer ourselves, ready to go again the following day. The huts run on an ‘everyone muck in’ basis, from collecting and chopping firewood for the log burners, collecting water through holes in the ice, and preparing food. The STF system adopts the principle of not turning anyone away, so the huts can be pretty cosy sometimes (earplugs are a necessity!).

Daily Routine

Each day starts with a hearty breakfast to fuel for the day ahead. Each day will be governed by a thorough risk assessment of the weather and the group’s welfare. Lunch is enjoyed on the trail, sometimes in a snow-walled wind shelter, and sometimes in the glorious arctic sun! Once at the next hut, the hut routine commences before it’s time to relax with memories of a fantastic day’s journey and maybe a ‘dram’ or even a sauna found at most of the huts.

Nature and Local Environment

Previously on this route, we have seen reindeer, moose, ptarmigan, arctic foxes, and even wolverine. There is also a good chance that we will experience the northern lights in a uniquely ‘light pollution-free zone’ – a real ‘once in a lifetime experience and good for the soul!

The correct use of layers and how to combine base layers, mid-layers, and outer layers to best effect in an extreme working environment; a close look at the different types of clothing and materials available; hands and face management; socks; vapour barrier footwear; using your clothing, venting and temperature control; footwear, snowshoes and camp footwear.

Pulk Sleds
Different types, runner technology, packing, and weight distribution, covers and bags, trace options, and harnesses.

Safety for cooking inside confined spaces, carbon monoxide management, stove types, stove boards, fuel types, usage and control, stove and pump maintenance, and using snow for water, pots, kettles, and pans.

Food and Eating
Nutritional and calorific intake and breakdown by body weight, hydration, recovery supplements, electrolytes, adequate food intake on the trail, freeze-dried food, weight loss, and managing hunger.

Health and Hygiene
What to do with hair and beards, washing options, wash bag essentials, teeth and lip care, foot care, dealing with blisters and pressure sores, finger splits, vitamins and supplements, sun protection, snow blindness, preventing and dealing with frostbite, emotional preparation and management, and medical kit contents.

Travelling In An Artic Environment
Managing energy & heat by breaks, buddy systems, pace, teamwork, keeping your head in the game, and tackling significant obstacles.

Planning your route, charts, latitude, longitude and the magnetic poles, GPS use, compass use, natural navigation resources, sun, wind, surface features, clouds, navigating in zero visibility, and working together.

Overview of weather systems and forces in arctic regions, managing cold, managing wind, managing whiteouts, clouds and what they mean, and temperature variations.

Emergency and Evacuation Planning
Expedition risk assessment and creating an emergency plan, evacuation options, and issues in the different polar environments.

You will have regular contact from Matt Larsson Clifford (Expedition Leader) and Phil Quirk (Mindset Leader) in the months leading up to the trip, with advice on training to get you in shape, top tips for preparing your equipment and food, and also how to make life easier for yourself whilst on Expedition.

Currency: Swedish Kroner.

Northern Lights
Abisko and the surrounding area are one of the best locations in the world to experience this magical phenomena.

The average daily temp is -6C to -10C, whilst it can dip as low as -25C. Whilst we can expect snow showers, most snow should have fallen, and the days are getting longer.

To undertake a trek along the Kungsleden promises some of the wildest and most remote environments to be found in Europe. A true ‘once in a lifetime experience’ – or maybe not, as Matt and Phil will coach you in all the various skills required to plan and safely undertake your Nordic trek in the future. Uniquely, your ‘Expedition Limitless’ experience starts once you commit. Matt and Phil believe it is incredibly valuable to establish contact and develop a relationship with all participants before meeting up in Abisko. This is done via shared group chats/emails for advice, tips, planning, and individual advice on training programs and personal equipment.

Isle Listen

Isle Listen is a charitable initiative that provides support and training in schools, the workplace, and the community, helping people to recognise that mental health is just as important as physical health. Its mission is to remove the stigma surrounding mental health and for everyone on the Isle of Man to feel emotionally empowered and effectively supported with their mental health.

Isle Listen does a huge amount of work with the island’s young people to help build their self-confidence and resilience. A goal or challenge can help in building this self-belief. Isle Listen understands that Expedition Limitless will be a fantastic challenge for people to work towards and will require the team members to push beyond their perceived boundaries.

Isle Listen operates under the clinical guidance of and is an initiative of MCH Psychological Services, an Isle of Man registered charity (charity number 1024) that can trace its roots back over 35 years to Manx Cancer Help and The Lisa Lowe Centre.


Expedition Limitless 2023

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