Phil Quirk

Phil Quirk

Phil is the founder of Omnia Mind and is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading Human Performance specialists.

Phil has worked with some of the highest performers from the world of sport, business and adventure. He has personally coached multiple Olympic and World champions, Polar Exploration teams, RAF Pilots, and business leaders from around the world.

As the founder of Omnia Mind, Phil advocates surrounding yourself with people that challenge the status quo and constantly strive for excellence.

Phil is also the author of Legacy: Ancient Philosophy for Modern Minds, which is the ultimate handbook to improve your mindset. Thousands of years of wisdom, handed down through generations of philosophers and thinkers, condensed into 99 short format chapters to improve your resilience, mindset and mental capacity. Each chapter will offer a single perspective to enhance your thinking with actionable takeaways to encourage you to apply the knowledge to your daily life.

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